Favella Lab

Favella Lab is a project about inventing (and sharing) a new mode of travel enabling all people of the world to be FREE TO travel, meet and deal with different cultures and new experiences, breaking the financial restrictions that prevent us from traveling freely.

From the 18th-26th of July 2014 gather at Borgo Favella (Southern Italy), 8 creative people who have provided evidence on the web to be a source of creative inspiration, traveling and innovation. All expenses paid for a total amount of 50,000 $ (travel, food and accommodation) also have available tools, resources and professional assistance. The mission is for each creative person, to create a video that has the theme: “Be free to …”

Favella Lab - Matt Harding Matt Harding
Favella Lab - Casey Neistat Casey Neistat
Favella Lab - Christoph Rehage Christoph Rehage
Favella Lab - Felix Ulf Kjellberg Felix Ulf Kjellberg
Favella Lab - Zach King Zach King
Favella Lab - Remi Gaillard Remi Gaillard
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