Famiglia Cristiana "iGod"


This is a concept for a Design Contest in Technology related to Religion (didn’t won). It also has been proposed to “Famiglia Cristiana” to made a cover for their weekly review but judged “too strong and blaspheme”. The concept expressed also turns around the divinization of Apple products during last years, expecially the iPod series.


Famiglia Cristiana "iGod" - iGod iGod
Famiglia Cristiana "iGod" - iGod Detail 01 iGod Detail 01
Famiglia Cristiana "iGod" - iGod Detail 02 iGod Detail 02
Famiglia Cristiana "iGod" - iGod Detail 03 iGod Detail 03
Famiglia Cristiana "iGod" - iGod Detail 04 iGod Detail 04
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